Greetings from Maryland, United States!

Here at the Home of African Fashion (HOAF), not only that we are showcasing the beauty of Africa through fashion. We are also unlocking the potential of Africa glory by providing an acceptable platform for local African designers to access the global market and competing with already well-established brands around the globe.

Brain drain is one of the biggest challenges facing Africa countries and its impact on fashion industries cannot be overstated. At HOAF, our goal is to help reduce the brain drain by developing a culture of support; transferring technologies and creating an opportunity for our partners to showcase their talents at the international exhibitions, and always ensure that they are financially rewarded in a fair and honest way.

                                        “Africa’s future is up to Africans: With strong institutions and a strong will, I know that Africans can live their dreams in Nairobi and Lagos; in Kigali and  Kinshasa; in Harare and right here in Accra.”  President Obama